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Gifspam: Openings S2 and S3.

I’m rewatching both gens after finals today…! SO MUCH EXCITE.
This reminds me of Mad Twatter from the first series of Skins.


So...I cracked and decided to fill in this space with something legitimate. I'm India Rae, or just India. I have no preference.

Originally, I hail from Los Angeles, CA, but I attend a boarding school smack-dab in the middle of East of Jesus/North of Nowhere, New Hampshire. It's cold and pretentious, but I like it.

Me gusta: theatre/film/directing/creative writing/sci-fi/fantasy/Neil Gaiman/quasars/DUBSTEP/blues music/Doctor Who/Misfits/Skins/ a ton of other stuff I'm sure you'll figure out