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Once upon a dim stage dreary, while I twirled, weak and weary
Under many quaint and curious gaze’s of voyeurs wanting more
While I spun round, nearly falling, suddenly there came a calling
the voice of which was quite appalling, appalling and it screamed out “WHORE”
Tis’ some drunkard, I muttered, screaming out the insult “WHORE”
Only this and nothing more.

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So...I cracked and decided to fill in this space with something legitimate. I'm India Rae, or just India. I have no preference.

Originally, I hail from Los Angeles, CA, but I attend a boarding school smack-dab in the middle of East of Jesus/North of Nowhere, New Hampshire. It's cold and pretentious, but I like it.

Me gusta: theatre/film/directing/creative writing/sci-fi/fantasy/Neil Gaiman/quasars/DUBSTEP/blues music/Doctor Who/Misfits/Skins/ a ton of other stuff I'm sure you'll figure out